Interval training at the cat hill - 13 weeks to Go

It was snowing at 7:00pm in NYC. I think the temperature was around 32°F.

I participated in the running class held by NYRR in this evening.
I still felt mild stiffness in my right groin. But it was much better than last Sunday.

Today's menu was an interval training at the Cat Hill in the Central Park.
- The Cat hill is located behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is a statue of a lynx at the middle of the hill, so it is called the Cat Hill by the runners of NYC. Also the hill is known as one of the hardest spots in the park by the runners.

We started in front of the Boathouse Cafe at 74th street and ran up the hill to the peak at the race pace, then ran back to the Boathouse Cafe at easy pace. The one-way distance was about a quarter mile. We did that six times.

I tried not to push too much to avoid injury.
And the time of the uphill run was...

1'40" 1'37" 1;34" 1'32" 1'34" 1'31"

The total distance was 1.5miles, and the total time was 9'28". The average pace was 6'19" per mile.

After the 6 interval run, we did one more mile from 72 transverse to the Engineer's Gate at 90th Street.
As the interval was enough to me, I did not run at race pace; actually I could not.
I ran the extra mile in 6'45".

My weekly mileage is 2.5mile, 32.5 to the target.

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