6miles at brisk pace

I did not see it, however finally we had snow early today in NYC.

Today I ran the whole loop of the Central Park in the brisk evening.
The temperature was 33°F at 6:30pm. Brisk!

I started at brisk pace. Maybe it was around 7'30"/mile; I thought my body remembered yesterday's speed work pace. Although I was not sure I could go through, I kept running at that pace. I wanted to see my current endurance.

And I made it. I finished 6miles in 44'32", 7'25"/mile. Not bad for the beginning stage of the training.

The weekly mileage is 10.2 miles, 19.8 to the target.


京丸 said...

Thanx a lot for informing me of your new blog. And I am so glad to see your fine running without ankle pain. Keep running at "brisk" pace!!

Oke-san said...

Thanks for your comment. It is the first one for this blog.
I am also relieved to be recovered from ankle injure. I will keep running at normal pace with "brisk" heart.