1.1 mile X 3; 9weeks to go

Today I participated in the running class by NYRR for the first time since January 30th.
As the moderate pain in my right groin had not been gone, I took 4 weeks rest.
I still felt some pain and stiffness in this evening but it got better. Also NJ marathon is 2month ahead. So I decided to participate in the class.

It was overcast. The temperature might be about 35°F.

Today’s menu was 3 of 1.1 mile run at the North hills of the Central Park. It was a tough menu for me with the injury.
Usually I ran with the group of mile 6-to-6’30”-in-5K race. But I joined the group of 8-to-8’30”-in-5K-race. It was 3 grades lower than my usual. I did not run faster, instead I focused on my running form.

The time was 8’37”, 8’44” and 8’27”. The pace was 7'49" per mile.
Of course they were not the best for me. However, I enjoyed the jogging in the park.

Although my condition is not very good and I don’t think that I can run with usual speed so soon, it is true that it gets better day by day.
I wish the pain should be gone by the spring.


5miles at an easy pace

I was supposed to run a half-marathon today.
But I still felt mild pain in my right groin and the temperature was 20°F, I decide not to run the race.

I finished all of the NYRR half-marathon grand prix races last year. The grand prix races are composed of five races each of which is held in five boroughs in NYC.
Today's race was the second one after the Manhattan race in January. I did not think I could pursue my PR today however I wanted to run today's race to finish all the race this year. But it was obvious that I should not run considering my condition.

Instead I ran the 5.1mile loop in the Central Park in the afternoon. The temperature was 34° at that time. It was much better.

I ran 5.1 miles in 46'13". The pace was 9'04" per mile.
I would like to run longer and faster. But it was good for today, maybe this month.
I should be recovered from the injury by the end of this month and try to get back to the track from next month.


4miles at easy pace - 12weeks to Go

One month ago, it was over 70°F in NYC. It was historical warm winter. Even cherry blossom bloomed. Everyone talked about global warming seriously.

Now all of above are history...

It is coooold. The high temperature of the day has not exceeded the freezing point whole the week. Actually 20°F was the highest last Monday.

I have not run since Tuesday of the last week due to this crazy chilly condition and moderate pain in my groin. I think I ran with too much intensity at the running class of the last week.

This evening, the temperature was 23°F, which is acceptable for me. Also I felt better with my groin. I jogged in the Central Park for the first time in 8days.

I ran 4miles in 37'48". The pace was 9'27" per mile. It was cold, but I was happy to run without feeling pain.

I have 12weeks to go for the NJ marathon. I was not able to prepare for it as I planned so far. Actually I am terribly behind the original schedule. However, I don't have to feel guilty about that. I am training for marathon. I have to adjust the pace according to the weather and the physical condition of the race day. Like that, I should adjust the pace during the training days.