Fartlek at North loop - 16weeks to go

Now I have 16 weeks to go for the NJ Marathon on 4/29/07. It is good time to start the training for the race. Yes, I started today.

Today I joined the running class held by NYRR.

It was about 40°F in NYC. It is 32°F below from last Saturday. Of course I knew that Saturday was unusual. However, I felt so cold to run outside in the evening. I should have carried gloves.

Tonight's menu was Fartlek training at the North hill of the Central Park.
Fartlek training is a speed work invented by Swedish coach. We run at various pace during the training to improve aerobic capacity, running economy, lactic threshold and muscular fitness.

The North loop hill is 1.4 mile made of 2 uphills and 1 downhill and 1 flat.
We started from flat way at slow pace, ran at 5K-race pace on the first uphill, another slow pace on downhill and another 5K-race pace on the final uphill. This is one loop.

Tonight we did 3 loops. The time of each loop was 11:05, 11'21 and 11:36.
It was fun. I felt great. It was not my best, however good runnnig to start.

I am going to run 30miles this week. So it is 25.8 miles for the rest of this week.

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