Interval Training - 15weeks to go

Today I joined the running class held by NYRR this evening.
The temperature was 30°F at 6:45pm. Finally it was "winter session".

Today's menu was an interval training of 600yards run x 6times in front of the Tavern on the Green.

Each lap was 1'44", 1'41", 1'41", 1'39", 1'40" and 1'38".
The total time was 10'03". The pace was 4'53" per mile; I am not very sure if the distance was accurate. Last time I did this training was on August 3rd last year.
At that time I finished 6 laps in 10'23". I did not realize when I was running, but I was improved.

After the interval training, we ran to the school, where we put our baggages, all the way through the west drive, 102 street transverse and the east drive.
It was additional 3mile run at the pace of 7'15" per mile.

I think I did good training today.

A bad news is I have to return to work after the class. It is one of the high season for me.

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