Farewell to Yuichiro

Today's NYRR Fled Lebow Classic(5M) was the last run in New York for Yuichiro and Kae. Yuichiro is one of the best Japanese runners in NY area. Kae is his wife.
They are going to Japan next week

I was not able to run the race, because I am not ready due to injury.
Instead I went to the Central Park to take a picture with him and our running friends.

I met him for the first time last April after the NYRR half-marathon grand prix: Queens.

After meeting him, I felt that my running life had been changed.
He himself was quite a great runner and great person enough to inspire me.
He also introduced me to his running mates. All of them were great runners and great person. They were so serious about running. All of them had same experience in improving their performance they were great teachers for me. Also they are so kind to other runners. I was so inspired by them and was able to improve my running.
And more important thing is that I can call them MY running mates now. I am so proud to have such great friends.
If I had not met him, I might not a runner what I am now.
I must be satisfied with finishing NYC marathon in 4hours.
I would not imagine that I can pursue to break the qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.
Maybe I could have stop running after NYC marathon.
I must miss Yuichiro and Kae.
I hope their happiness in Japan and am looking forward to seeing them soon.

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