An extra rest day

Today I was supposed to run 15 miles to reach my weekly target. But I could not make it.

I felt mild stiffness in the right groin after I finished the half marathon last Sunday, which was under the temperature of 19°F. Actually the stiffness had not gone away. So I decided to take a rest.

The right groin is the part which I knew was one of most inflexible. Maybe the extra burden from the half marathon under the cold weather was too much for the part.
Also maybe I should have run the speed work on last Tuesday at easier pace.
And maybe I should not have played tennis on Thursday and Saturday.

My weekly mileage was only 19.1 this week; it is short of the target by 14.9.
It is difficult to pile the weekly mileage in the winter...
Next week my target will be 35miles.

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