11Miles with the greatest runner

Today I ran 11.1miles in the Central Park under overcast sky. The temperature was 30°F, much higher than yesterday morning; it was 9°F.

I saw two friends during the training. - Nyarmam and Umajiro-san

Nyarmam was in the running of 35K. She was preparing for the Tokyo Marathon of next month.

Umajiro-san was training for Huntington Beach Marathon in California of next week.
Today I ran with him after we met.

Actually I did not feel very good at the beginning and thought that I would run 10 miles at 9minutes per mile pace.
But after I had a running mate, I forgot that feeling.
It was fun to run with someone, especially with the greatest runner I have ever seen.

He had finished NYC marathon 23times. His finish time at his first one was over 4:30. His best time was 3:18 at the age of 48, when he started to pursue the time seriously. And he finished last year's NYC marathon in 2:57'01" at the age of 54. He is definitely the greatest runner I have ever seen.
When I talk with him, I always think about two ideas at the same time; I could run the marathon in sub-3 hours someday and it must be long way to accomplish it.

I ran 11.1 miles in 1:32'48". The pace was 8'22" per mile. It was longer and faster than I expected. It was good training.

My weekly mileage is 19.1, 14.9 to the target.

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