12miles at the base pace

The bad news, it was slightly rainy at 11:20 am today. The good news, the temperature was so mild, 52°F.In spite of the weather, there were many runners in the Central Park.

Today I ran 2 whole loops of the park, 12miles. It was the longest run since NYC marathon last year. I was afraid that my aerobic capabilty had been ruined so much after the marathon that I could not run through 12miles.

I tried to keep my base pace of 8 minutes per mile, same as yesterday.
I finished 12miles in 1:32'42", 7'44" per mile. A little faster, but not too faster.

I felt comfortble during the run, actually much better than I expected. I was glad that my aerobic fitness was not bad.

My weekly mileage is 27.3; I have 2.7 to go.

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