10miles at easy pace

It was not 72F-warm today, but was 54F, extremely warm as January of NYC.

I ran for the first time in 4days. I was not able to run due to sickness.
I had stomach ache from Thursday night. I think I had too much food and drink during the holiday season.

I was better in Saturday evening and felt almost recovered enough to run this afternoon.

Today I ran whole loop(6mile) and 4mile loop in the Central Park.
Though I ran at 8'30+ per mile pace I got tired soon. I thought that due to 3day's absence, my shape was not very good.

It took 1:26'53 to finish 10miles. It was 8'41" pace.

I am going to start 16 weeks training for the NJ Marathon on 4/29.
The bad news is the highest temperature will be 40F on Wednesday. I would like to keep my condition stable during unstable weather.

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