Interval Training - 1mile x 3

Today I participated NYRR running class for the first time since last September with more than 60 people.

Today's menu was interval training.
We ran 3 of 1 mile at faster pace then 5K race and 5minute slowdown between every running.

My last speed training was 1month ago, I injured my left ankle.
So I was not sure if I can run through.

Today I joined 6-7minutes/mile-in-5K race-group.
The top runners of the group were fast... I was in the middle of the group.
But it was fine.

The time was 6'24", 6'16" and 6'20".
Average pace was 6'20". Not bad.
And more important thing was ... I was free of pain after the training.

I felt like to run under 6minutes/mile by the end of this session.

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