12 miles at an easy pace

It was clear at 10:00am in NYC. The temperature was 48°.
There were so many runners in the Central Park in this spring Saturday. I thought that some of them should be in the training of the Boston Marathon on 4/16.

Today, I ran 2 whole loops of the park; it is 12miles.

I started at an easy pace of around 9 minutes per mile and picked up the pace to the base pace of 8minutes per mile.
The time was 51'48" for the first loop and 48'26" for the second one.
I finished 12 miles in 1:40'14". The average pace was 8'22" per mile.

My weekly mileage is 28.6, 6.4 to the target.

I will run 10K race tomorrow in the park.
Because the first 3 miles of the course is tougher than the rest I should try not to push too much in the first half. I would like to keep 6'30" per mile pace through the race and finish in 41'00".


It was a so beautiful spring day today, and yes, it was Friday.

Today I ran the whole loop of the Central Park.
I started at 7:30pm; the temperature was still 63°F at that time.

I finished 6miles in 46'25". It was 7'44" per mile pace.

My weekly mileage is 16.6; I have 18.4 to go for my target of this week.


6mile at the base pace

It was clear, but it was not like summer like yesterday.
The temperature was 58°F at 7:00pm.

Today, I ran the whole loop of the Central Park, 6miles.
I tried to run at my base pace of 8minutes per mile, and I did.
I finished 6miles in 47'55", 7' 59" per mile.

My weekly mileage is 10.6. I have 24.4 to go.


Half-mile x 6 and the Reservoir; 5 weeks to go

The temperature was over 70° at 7:00pm. How roughly scenes had changed in NYC; we had a lot of snow 2weeks ago.

Actually I was not ready to do speed work in this high temperature yet. However, I did.I participates in the running class by NYRR as usual Tuesday.

Today's workout was 6 of half-mile dash. As far as I knew, it was the toughest one of all the workouts of this class.

In the central Park, we started from E9902 pole and ran the east drive toward north to the transverse at 102 street and turn left to run the transverse to the end; it is a half-mile. And after 3minute break we ran the other way. We did 3sets of this, it was 6 half-mile run. Yes, it was definitely tough also today.

My time of each run was 2'53", 2'49", 2'51", 2'50", 2'48" and 2'50". I ran 3miles in 17'01", 5'40" per mile. Yes, it was tough. But I thought I did so fast.

After the dash, we ran around the Reservoir. Manhattan in twilight, it was just beautiful.

I think I have finally got back to the pre-injury level in speed.Still I am far behind in distance. This week I would like to run 35miles.



Rain from last night had stopped when I wake up this morning; actually it was 10:00am. It was clear and beautiful day.

I went to the central park at 12:30pm. The temperature was 46°F at that time.

I thought I had recovered from groin injury. I did some speed work successfully.
The only training left was long distance run. So I did today.

I ran 3 whole loops of the Central Park, 18miles. It was the longest distance run since the NYC Marathon.

The time of each loop was 52'22", 51'15" and 50'25". I did in 2:34'02"; it was 8'34" per mail pace. I was supposed to run at 9minutes per mile pace, so I ran faster.
I felt soreness in my calf, hamstrings and quadriceps during the training especially after 15miles. The soreness was that I can experience only from a long run training and that was exactly I wanted from today's training.
I would like to run the long distance like today twice, hopefully three times before the NJ marathon on 4/29.


6mile at brisk pace

It was a beautiful day in the morning today.The temperature was 50°F.
It was perfect day for running!

I ran the whole loop of the Central Park.
I was supposed to run at my base pace of 8minutes per mile.
However, due to the great weather I did at brisk pace.

I ran 6miles in 43'55". It was 7'19" per mile. Actually it was too fast.

I will ran 18miles at an easy pace tommorow.


6 miles at an easy pace

I was not sure I have time to run today, as I might have to stay late in the office for some task to be done. And I had time because the task was postponed. I was not sure it was a good news or bad news. I still have heavy task...

Anyway I had time to run. So I jogged around the whole loop of the Central Park from 6:50PM. The temperature was 38°F however I think that windchill was under the freezing point.

As I was not fully recovered from yesterday's speed work I ran at an easy pace.
I ran 6miles in 52'15"; it was 8'43" per mile pace.

The weekly mileage is now 6.5 miles. I have 23.5 miles to go.


Interval Training at the Cat hill: 6 weeks to go

I have only 6 weeks to the NJ marathon on 4/29.
Due to the injury, my training is behind the schedule so much.
But the good news is... I am finally recovered from the injury and am ready to pile up my weekly mileage.

Today I participated in the running class by NYRR.
The other good news is... Spring is just around the corner.
The weather was mild and comfortable this evening. Compared with the last week's snow storm.

The menu of this evening was the interval run at the Cat hill and extra 1mile run.

It was same as 1/30; at that time I pushed too much despite of my injury, and I cannot run the extra 1 mile.

Today, my time of each run was
1'42" 1'36" 1;33" 1'32" 1'30" 1'31"

And I finished the extra mile in 6'10". I had ran in 6'45" at the last time.
What a difference it is, both with the time and the pain!

This week, I will run 30miles. 27.5miles to go.


Weekend run of 6miles and 12 miles

3/17(Sat) 11:30AM Clear 35°F
6miles in 47'50" / 7'58" per mile / 1 whole loop in the Central Park

3/18(Sun) 12:45PM Clear 36°F
12miles in 1:34'13" / 7'51" per mile / 2 whole loops in the Central Park

The snow started late Thursday. It was continuously
falling down all the Friday.
Finally it stopped early Saturday.

I think we had over 10 inches of snow on Saturday morning. But it was cleared from the Central Park drive when I started jogging on Saturday morning.
I live in Manhattan...

Today I ran 12miles for the first time almost in 2months. I felt that my aerobic ability had been ruined so much during the injured times. But I was able to get through 12miles at a pace of under 8miles per mile. It was good news.

During today's run a man talking to me when I passed him at the north hill.
He was in his 20 miles run. According to him, he was training for the Cincinnati Marathon on May 6th.
His marathon is 1week later of mine, the New Jersey Marathon. But his training is much ahead of mine so far. I felt guilty a little. But I might not have to feel like that.
I will run 18miles next week. Maybe it is not too late.


Speed work at the north hill: 7 weeks to go

I like the daylight saving time days' evening.
I am happy to see blue sky when I leave my office to home.

It was clear and the temperature was 55°F at 6:30PM today.
I participated in the running class by NYRR.
It was a paradise compared with the terrible condition of the last week.

Today's class was the first one of the spring session. There were over 100 runners there. It was huge. As far as I know, it was the most participants ever.

Today's menu was 1.1 mile run x 3 at the north hill of the Central Park.
It was the same training as 2 weeks ago.
2 weeks ago, as I still had pain on my right groin, I joined the 8'00"-to-8'30"-in-5K-race group.
Now my condition was much better. I ran with the group of 6'30"-to-7'00"-in-5K-race. I finally got to the one level lower of before-injury level.

The time of each ran was 7'14", 7'14" and 7'06". Total was 21'34". The pace was 6'32" per mile. It was faster pace than 2weeks ago by 1'17"; not bad.

Next week, I will join 6'00"-to-6'30"-in-5K-race group to come back to the before-injury level.


Colon cancer challenge 15K

Daylight saving time has begun today. It is 3 weeks earlier than usual. Because it was so cold last week, I felt that it was too early for “summer time”. But today was a beautiful day. It was clear sky and the temperature was 43°F on 10:30 am. Although the Reservoir is still frozen, Spring is around the corner.

Today I participated in colon cancer challenge 15K race held in the Central park.
This was my first race since the NYRR half-marathon grand prix in Manhattan on 1/21, when I injured my right groin. I was finally recovered from the injury last week. So I decided to run today. It took me about 7 weeks.

The result was…

0- 1   8’08” / 8’08”
1- 2   6’56” / 15’04”
2- 3   7’59” / 23’03”
3- 4   7’15” / 30’18”
4- 5   7’17“/ 37’36”
5- 6   7’27” / 45’03”
6- 7   7’17” / 52’20”

7- 8   7’18” / 59’38”
8- 9   7’12 / 1:06’50”
9-9.3   2’20” /1:09’10”

Because I had not run enough to run at the race pace I tried not to pick up my pace too much. I planned to run at 7’30” – 8’00” per mile pace. It was 7’26”; not bad.

After the race I felt my legs soared. But it was regular soar after the race not a pain from injury. I was happy with that.

By now I should have been in the middle of the training for the NJ marathon on 4/29. However after I got injured I was not able to run as I planned. I am so far behind.
I will re-start the training this week. I will try not to rush to get back to the original schedule. I will do what I can do in next 7 weeks.


5 miles at an easy pace

The temperature was 30°F at 7:00pm today. It was much better than Tuesday.
So I decided to go to the Central Park and jog.

It seemed that other runners thought like me. There were much more runners in the park than Tuesday. Actually there were very few runners on Tuesday.

Today I jogged south 5.1mile loop of the park.
As I was just recovered from the groin pain, I tried not to run faster than 8minutes per mile pace.
I finished 5.1 miles in 42'25"; it was 8'19" per mile pace. It was not bad.

I will run on Saturday. And on Sunday I will participate in a 15K race. It will be the first race since the half-marathon in the Central Park on January 21st when I injured my groin.
I will think that the race is one of training run and try not to push myself too much.


Hill and the Reservoir: 8weeks to go

The bad news is winter had come back. The temperature was 15°F on 6:30 today.
The good news is finally the pain on my groin has gone. It took about 7weeks since I felt pain. I have wasted 7weeks...

Today I joined the running class by NYRR.
Due to the cold temperature and strong wind, there were only about 25 people. I was one third of the number of the usual participants.

Today's menu was hill training. We went to 92nd Street between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue. I did not know that there is a good slope there. It is not so long, maybe about 150 meters, but it is steep enough for the hill training.

We did 6 uphill runs there and went to the Reservoir in the Central Park to run one loop around it.
I joined 7'15"-to-8'00"-per-mile-in-the-5k-race group tonight. It was one level higher than last week. Although I did not feel pain, I tried not to push myself too much. That could cause another injury especially in the cold temperature like today.

Actually I forgot my watch. So I am not sure about the exact pace.
Maybe I ran at 7'15" per mile at the hill and 7'00" per mile at the Reservoir.

The condition might be the most terrible ever however the view from the Reservoir might be the most beautiful tonight.

I hope I could start to run daily this week. Of course it depends on weather.


Lunch at Wall Street

Today I had lunch with my tennis friends at the downtown. Actually I had a longer lunch break than usual lunch break. It was 2hours break. It's Friday!

That was my second visit to the Wall street during the business hours since October 1996.
I still remember the feeling when I walk this street for the first time. Because I had worked for a bank, the Wall street had been the one of the most prestigious place for me.

Attached is a picture of NYSE.