Interval training at the cat hill - 13 weeks to Go

It was snowing at 7:00pm in NYC. I think the temperature was around 32°F.

I participated in the running class held by NYRR in this evening.
I still felt mild stiffness in my right groin. But it was much better than last Sunday.

Today's menu was an interval training at the Cat Hill in the Central Park.
- The Cat hill is located behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is a statue of a lynx at the middle of the hill, so it is called the Cat Hill by the runners of NYC. Also the hill is known as one of the hardest spots in the park by the runners.

We started in front of the Boathouse Cafe at 74th street and ran up the hill to the peak at the race pace, then ran back to the Boathouse Cafe at easy pace. The one-way distance was about a quarter mile. We did that six times.

I tried not to push too much to avoid injury.
And the time of the uphill run was...

1'40" 1'37" 1;34" 1'32" 1'34" 1'31"

The total distance was 1.5miles, and the total time was 9'28". The average pace was 6'19" per mile.

After the 6 interval run, we did one more mile from 72 transverse to the Engineer's Gate at 90th Street.
As the interval was enough to me, I did not run at race pace; actually I could not.
I ran the extra mile in 6'45".

My weekly mileage is 2.5mile, 32.5 to the target.


An extra rest day

Today I was supposed to run 15 miles to reach my weekly target. But I could not make it.

I felt mild stiffness in the right groin after I finished the half marathon last Sunday, which was under the temperature of 19°F. Actually the stiffness had not gone away. So I decided to take a rest.

The right groin is the part which I knew was one of most inflexible. Maybe the extra burden from the half marathon under the cold weather was too much for the part.
Also maybe I should have run the speed work on last Tuesday at easier pace.
And maybe I should not have played tennis on Thursday and Saturday.

My weekly mileage was only 19.1 this week; it is short of the target by 14.9.
It is difficult to pile the weekly mileage in the winter...
Next week my target will be 35miles.


11Miles with the greatest runner

Today I ran 11.1miles in the Central Park under overcast sky. The temperature was 30°F, much higher than yesterday morning; it was 9°F.

I saw two friends during the training. - Nyarmam and Umajiro-san

Nyarmam was in the running of 35K. She was preparing for the Tokyo Marathon of next month.

Umajiro-san was training for Huntington Beach Marathon in California of next week.
Today I ran with him after we met.

Actually I did not feel very good at the beginning and thought that I would run 10 miles at 9minutes per mile pace.
But after I had a running mate, I forgot that feeling.
It was fun to run with someone, especially with the greatest runner I have ever seen.

He had finished NYC marathon 23times. His finish time at his first one was over 4:30. His best time was 3:18 at the age of 48, when he started to pursue the time seriously. And he finished last year's NYC marathon in 2:57'01" at the age of 54. He is definitely the greatest runner I have ever seen.
When I talk with him, I always think about two ideas at the same time; I could run the marathon in sub-3 hours someday and it must be long way to accomplish it.

I ran 11.1 miles in 1:32'48". The pace was 8'22" per mile. It was longer and faster than I expected. It was good training.

My weekly mileage is 19.1, 14.9 to the target.


4miles at easy pace

Today, I felt stiffness especially on my groin since this morning. Maybe it was due to Sunday's half marathon and yesterday's speed work.

Today, the temperature was 38°F at 6:30 pm. It was much milder than last weekend.

I ran a 4mile loop of the Central Park. I did not feel like to run at the fast pace and to run at easy pace of 8'30" per mile pace. And I did.
I ran 4mile in 33'52, the pace was 8'28". It was exactly as expected.

My groin was fine after the running. Other parts are also fine.

My weekly mileage is 8, I have 26 for my target.


2miles x 2 - 14 weeks to Go

Today, I joined the running class by NYRR.
The temperature was about 35°F at 6:45 in NYC. After a half-marathon in 19°F, it was great condition.

Today's menu was 2x2miles run at the lower loop of the Central Park.
Usually I am with a group of 6-6'30"-in-5K-race. But I joined a group of 6'30"-7'30"-in-5K-race, because I was not fully recovered from the half marathon of last Sunday.

I ran the first one at 13'23" and the second one at 13'00". I did not intend to pick up my pace so much however I did in the second one. My desire was inspired by one of the runners in the group, who ran much faster than other runners of that group.

The total time was 26'23", the pace was 6'36". It was nice pace. And I did not recognize any pain. It was good training.

The weekly mileage is 4; I have 30 to the target.


Manhattan half-marathon

On 8:30 am, the temperature was 19°F. I know that it is crazy to run in the morning like this. But I did. And I was not alone, I was among 4,394 people.

Today I participated in NYRR half-marathon grand prix in Manhattan.
This was my first race of this year and the first one since the NYC marathon last year.
The course was 2 whole loops of the Central Park and 1.1mile.

The result was…

0- 1 7’01” / 7’01”
1- 2 7’07” / 14’08”
2- 3 6’47” / 20’55”
3- 4 6’49” / 27’44”
4- 5 6’57“/ 34’41”
5- 6 6’58” / 41’39”
6- 7 6’51” / 48’30”
7- 8 7’10” / 55’40”
8- 9 7’01 / 1:02’41”
9-10 6’58” /1:09’39”
10-11 7’10” / 1:16’49”
11-12 7’28” / 1:24”17
12-13 7’21” / 1:31’38”
13-13.1 0’53 / 1:32’31” 

It was obvious that I picked up my pace too much in the first half and got exhausted in the second half. I knew that I ran too fast during the first half and might slow down at the cat hill of the 2nd loop. I did slow down there.
Actually I did not think about my pace management today; I just ran. Exactly speaking, it was too cold for me to think about the pace. I thought that I would finish around 1:35.
So 1:32’31” was much better than expected.
I think it was fine race as my first one of the year.

Next race is half-marathon in Bronx in February. I would run better and break my PR at that time.

My weekly mileage was 30.2, which was 3.8 short of the target of this week. My target will be 34 again next week.


12 miles at the base pace

On 1/20 the sky was clear. The temperature was 28°F. And the wind was so strong. I think the wind chill was under 20°F. It was very chilly afternoon.

I did not feel like to run so much, however as I had run only 5miles this week, which is under 15% of my target, I decided to run.

I ran 2 whole loops of the Central Park. The time was 1:34'44". It was 7'54" per mile pace. My arm and my hand did not have feeling after the run...
My weekly mileage is now 17.1 Miles.


New Year' parties

This week I joined 2 New Year’s parties.

On 1/17, there was the New Year’s party of the New York Toyama Kenjinkai.
Toyama is one of the prefectures in Japan. It is located in the Mid North of Japan.
I was born there and had been there 18 years.

12 people joined the party. Some were born there, some worked there. All of them had spent some years of their lives there and live in NY now.

Although no one spoke Toyama dialect any more, it was fun to talk about the home town in NYC. Also it was interesting to see new people. Each person had great work and life in NYC.
This picture is from http://www.nykitokito.org/

On 1/19, there was the other party. That was by New York Marathon Chudoku Kanja no Kai (NYMCKK).
21 people joined the party. All of them were addicted to RUNNING. Some of them ran over 300 miles in a month. Some of them ran faster than Rance Armstrong in the NYC Marathon last year. There was a couple who finished 16 marathons last year and would run in all of the 50 states (+DC) by the end of next week. etc..
The party went on over 3hours, and the only topic of the party was RUNNING as usual.
I joined some parties by this circle. I was always imspired by them and had great time.
This picture is from http://www.makoshi.com/run/

That is why I was not able to run this week…


Interval Training - 15weeks to go

Today I joined the running class held by NYRR this evening.
The temperature was 30°F at 6:45pm. Finally it was "winter session".

Today's menu was an interval training of 600yards run x 6times in front of the Tavern on the Green.

Each lap was 1'44", 1'41", 1'41", 1'39", 1'40" and 1'38".
The total time was 10'03". The pace was 4'53" per mile; I am not very sure if the distance was accurate. Last time I did this training was on August 3rd last year.
At that time I finished 6 laps in 10'23". I did not realize when I was running, but I was improved.

After the interval training, we ran to the school, where we put our baggages, all the way through the west drive, 102 street transverse and the east drive.
It was additional 3mile run at the pace of 7'15" per mile.

I think I did good training today.

A bad news is I have to return to work after the class. It is one of the high season for me.


2 rounds of the Reservoir

It was foggy morning today in NYC.
The temperature was 46°F. But I felt chillier than expected than expected, maybe due to fog.

Today I ran 2 rounds of the Reservoir of the Central Park, which was 3.2 miles run. I like this course because it is flat, dirt and scenic. The foggy view was also beautiful.

I ran the first round in 13'00" and the second in 11'57". The pace was 8'08" and 7'28" respectively.

My weekly mileage is 30.5; I cleared the target.
The target is 34 miles next week.


12miles at the base pace

The bad news, it was slightly rainy at 11:20 am today. The good news, the temperature was so mild, 52°F.In spite of the weather, there were many runners in the Central Park.

Today I ran 2 whole loops of the park, 12miles. It was the longest run since NYC marathon last year. I was afraid that my aerobic capabilty had been ruined so much after the marathon that I could not run through 12miles.

I tried to keep my base pace of 8 minutes per mile, same as yesterday.
I finished 12miles in 1:32'42", 7'44" per mile. A little faster, but not too faster.

I felt comfortble during the run, actually much better than I expected. I was glad that my aerobic fitness was not bad.

My weekly mileage is 27.3; I have 2.7 to go.


5miles at the base pace

Today I started training at 6:45pm.
The temperature was 48°F. It was a cloudy and mild evening.

Today's course was the south 5mile loop of the Central Park, actually it is 5.1 miles.

Recently I tended to run at brisk or easy pace; maybe I started at faster or slower pace than my base pace, which is 8minutes per mile, and kept that through the training.

I think it is good training to run at various pace.
However, because I read that the base pace should be the target for most runs to improve aerobic fitness, I tried to run at my base pace today.

I finished in 40'27", 7'55"/mile. Not bad.

The weekly mileage is 15.3, I have 14.7 to go.


6miles at brisk pace

I did not see it, however finally we had snow early today in NYC.

Today I ran the whole loop of the Central Park in the brisk evening.
The temperature was 33°F at 6:30pm. Brisk!

I started at brisk pace. Maybe it was around 7'30"/mile; I thought my body remembered yesterday's speed work pace. Although I was not sure I could go through, I kept running at that pace. I wanted to see my current endurance.

And I made it. I finished 6miles in 44'32", 7'25"/mile. Not bad for the beginning stage of the training.

The weekly mileage is 10.2 miles, 19.8 to the target.


Fartlek at North loop - 16weeks to go

Now I have 16 weeks to go for the NJ Marathon on 4/29/07. It is good time to start the training for the race. Yes, I started today.

Today I joined the running class held by NYRR.

It was about 40°F in NYC. It is 32°F below from last Saturday. Of course I knew that Saturday was unusual. However, I felt so cold to run outside in the evening. I should have carried gloves.

Tonight's menu was Fartlek training at the North hill of the Central Park.
Fartlek training is a speed work invented by Swedish coach. We run at various pace during the training to improve aerobic capacity, running economy, lactic threshold and muscular fitness.

The North loop hill is 1.4 mile made of 2 uphills and 1 downhill and 1 flat.
We started from flat way at slow pace, ran at 5K-race pace on the first uphill, another slow pace on downhill and another 5K-race pace on the final uphill. This is one loop.

Tonight we did 3 loops. The time of each loop was 11:05, 11'21 and 11:36.
It was fun. I felt great. It was not my best, however good runnnig to start.

I am going to run 30miles this week. So it is 25.8 miles for the rest of this week.


10miles at easy pace

It was not 72F-warm today, but was 54F, extremely warm as January of NYC.

I ran for the first time in 4days. I was not able to run due to sickness.
I had stomach ache from Thursday night. I think I had too much food and drink during the holiday season.

I was better in Saturday evening and felt almost recovered enough to run this afternoon.

Today I ran whole loop(6mile) and 4mile loop in the Central Park.
Though I ran at 8'30+ per mile pace I got tired soon. I thought that due to 3day's absence, my shape was not very good.

It took 1:26'53 to finish 10miles. It was 8'41" pace.

I am going to start 16 weeks training for the NJ Marathon on 4/29.
The bad news is the highest temperature will be 40F on Wednesday. I would like to keep my condition stable during unstable weather.

Farewell to Yuichiro

Today's NYRR Fled Lebow Classic(5M) was the last run in New York for Yuichiro and Kae. Yuichiro is one of the best Japanese runners in NY area. Kae is his wife.
They are going to Japan next week

I was not able to run the race, because I am not ready due to injury.
Instead I went to the Central Park to take a picture with him and our running friends.

I met him for the first time last April after the NYRR half-marathon grand prix: Queens.

After meeting him, I felt that my running life had been changed.
He himself was quite a great runner and great person enough to inspire me.
He also introduced me to his running mates. All of them were great runners and great person. They were so serious about running. All of them had same experience in improving their performance they were great teachers for me. Also they are so kind to other runners. I was so inspired by them and was able to improve my running.
And more important thing is that I can call them MY running mates now. I am so proud to have such great friends.
If I had not met him, I might not a runner what I am now.
I must be satisfied with finishing NYC marathon in 4hours.
I would not imagine that I can pursue to break the qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.
Maybe I could have stop running after NYC marathon.
I must miss Yuichiro and Kae.
I hope their happiness in Japan and am looking forward to seeing them soon.


Whole Loop at easy pace

Tonight I ran around the whole loop of the Central Park.
The sky was clear. The full moon was so beautiful.
The temperature was 50F. It was very mild as January of NYC.

Because I was not fully recovered from yesterday's speed work I jogged at easy pace.
I ran 6 miles in 51'13" / 8'32" per mile.


Interval Training - 1mile x 3

Today I participated NYRR running class for the first time since last September with more than 60 people.

Today's menu was interval training.
We ran 3 of 1 mile at faster pace then 5K race and 5minute slowdown between every running.

My last speed training was 1month ago, I injured my left ankle.
So I was not sure if I can run through.

Today I joined 6-7minutes/mile-in-5K race-group.
The top runners of the group were fast... I was in the middle of the group.
But it was fine.

The time was 6'24", 6'16" and 6'20".
Average pace was 6'20". Not bad.
And more important thing was ... I was free of pain after the training.

I felt like to run under 6minutes/mile by the end of this session.


Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year 2007!!!
The first running of this year was the Midnight Run at the Central Park on NYC.
It was fun to run to celebrate the new year with my friends and over 5,000 people.
1 million people of Times Square is too much for me. Actually the park is the better place to see firework.

4 miles in 1 hour was not the very fast pace for me, however I found it good exercise to run slower pace.

Next week, I'm going to start training for the NJ Marathon on April 29. I will do speed work once a week and maybe "slow work" once a week.