4miles at easy pace - 12weeks to Go

One month ago, it was over 70°F in NYC. It was historical warm winter. Even cherry blossom bloomed. Everyone talked about global warming seriously.

Now all of above are history...

It is coooold. The high temperature of the day has not exceeded the freezing point whole the week. Actually 20°F was the highest last Monday.

I have not run since Tuesday of the last week due to this crazy chilly condition and moderate pain in my groin. I think I ran with too much intensity at the running class of the last week.

This evening, the temperature was 23°F, which is acceptable for me. Also I felt better with my groin. I jogged in the Central Park for the first time in 8days.

I ran 4miles in 37'48". The pace was 9'27" per mile. It was cold, but I was happy to run without feeling pain.

I have 12weeks to go for the NJ marathon. I was not able to prepare for it as I planned so far. Actually I am terribly behind the original schedule. However, I don't have to feel guilty about that. I am training for marathon. I have to adjust the pace according to the weather and the physical condition of the race day. Like that, I should adjust the pace during the training days.

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