New Year' parties

This week I joined 2 New Year’s parties.

On 1/17, there was the New Year’s party of the New York Toyama Kenjinkai.
Toyama is one of the prefectures in Japan. It is located in the Mid North of Japan.
I was born there and had been there 18 years.

12 people joined the party. Some were born there, some worked there. All of them had spent some years of their lives there and live in NY now.

Although no one spoke Toyama dialect any more, it was fun to talk about the home town in NYC. Also it was interesting to see new people. Each person had great work and life in NYC.
This picture is from http://www.nykitokito.org/

On 1/19, there was the other party. That was by New York Marathon Chudoku Kanja no Kai (NYMCKK).
21 people joined the party. All of them were addicted to RUNNING. Some of them ran over 300 miles in a month. Some of them ran faster than Rance Armstrong in the NYC Marathon last year. There was a couple who finished 16 marathons last year and would run in all of the 50 states (+DC) by the end of next week. etc..
The party went on over 3hours, and the only topic of the party was RUNNING as usual.
I joined some parties by this circle. I was always imspired by them and had great time.
This picture is from http://www.makoshi.com/run/

That is why I was not able to run this week…

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