2miles x 2 - 14 weeks to Go

Today, I joined the running class by NYRR.
The temperature was about 35°F at 6:45 in NYC. After a half-marathon in 19°F, it was great condition.

Today's menu was 2x2miles run at the lower loop of the Central Park.
Usually I am with a group of 6-6'30"-in-5K-race. But I joined a group of 6'30"-7'30"-in-5K-race, because I was not fully recovered from the half marathon of last Sunday.

I ran the first one at 13'23" and the second one at 13'00". I did not intend to pick up my pace so much however I did in the second one. My desire was inspired by one of the runners in the group, who ran much faster than other runners of that group.

The total time was 26'23", the pace was 6'36". It was nice pace. And I did not recognize any pain. It was good training.

The weekly mileage is 4; I have 30 to the target.

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