12 miles at an easy pace

It was clear at 10:00am in NYC. The temperature was 48°.
There were so many runners in the Central Park in this spring Saturday. I thought that some of them should be in the training of the Boston Marathon on 4/16.

Today, I ran 2 whole loops of the park; it is 12miles.

I started at an easy pace of around 9 minutes per mile and picked up the pace to the base pace of 8minutes per mile.
The time was 51'48" for the first loop and 48'26" for the second one.
I finished 12 miles in 1:40'14". The average pace was 8'22" per mile.

My weekly mileage is 28.6, 6.4 to the target.

I will run 10K race tomorrow in the park.
Because the first 3 miles of the course is tougher than the rest I should try not to push too much in the first half. I would like to keep 6'30" per mile pace through the race and finish in 41'00".

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