Weekend run of 6miles and 12 miles

3/17(Sat) 11:30AM Clear 35°F
6miles in 47'50" / 7'58" per mile / 1 whole loop in the Central Park

3/18(Sun) 12:45PM Clear 36°F
12miles in 1:34'13" / 7'51" per mile / 2 whole loops in the Central Park

The snow started late Thursday. It was continuously
falling down all the Friday.
Finally it stopped early Saturday.

I think we had over 10 inches of snow on Saturday morning. But it was cleared from the Central Park drive when I started jogging on Saturday morning.
I live in Manhattan...

Today I ran 12miles for the first time almost in 2months. I felt that my aerobic ability had been ruined so much during the injured times. But I was able to get through 12miles at a pace of under 8miles per mile. It was good news.

During today's run a man talking to me when I passed him at the north hill.
He was in his 20 miles run. According to him, he was training for the Cincinnati Marathon on May 6th.
His marathon is 1week later of mine, the New Jersey Marathon. But his training is much ahead of mine so far. I felt guilty a little. But I might not have to feel like that.
I will run 18miles next week. Maybe it is not too late.

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