Speed work at the north hill: 7 weeks to go

I like the daylight saving time days' evening.
I am happy to see blue sky when I leave my office to home.

It was clear and the temperature was 55°F at 6:30PM today.
I participated in the running class by NYRR.
It was a paradise compared with the terrible condition of the last week.

Today's class was the first one of the spring session. There were over 100 runners there. It was huge. As far as I know, it was the most participants ever.

Today's menu was 1.1 mile run x 3 at the north hill of the Central Park.
It was the same training as 2 weeks ago.
2 weeks ago, as I still had pain on my right groin, I joined the 8'00"-to-8'30"-in-5K-race group.
Now my condition was much better. I ran with the group of 6'30"-to-7'00"-in-5K-race. I finally got to the one level lower of before-injury level.

The time of each ran was 7'14", 7'14" and 7'06". Total was 21'34". The pace was 6'32" per mile. It was faster pace than 2weeks ago by 1'17"; not bad.

Next week, I will join 6'00"-to-6'30"-in-5K-race group to come back to the before-injury level.

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