Interval Training at the Cat hill: 6 weeks to go

I have only 6 weeks to the NJ marathon on 4/29.
Due to the injury, my training is behind the schedule so much.
But the good news is... I am finally recovered from the injury and am ready to pile up my weekly mileage.

Today I participated in the running class by NYRR.
The other good news is... Spring is just around the corner.
The weather was mild and comfortable this evening. Compared with the last week's snow storm.

The menu of this evening was the interval run at the Cat hill and extra 1mile run.

It was same as 1/30; at that time I pushed too much despite of my injury, and I cannot run the extra 1 mile.

Today, my time of each run was
1'42" 1'36" 1;33" 1'32" 1'30" 1'31"

And I finished the extra mile in 6'10". I had ran in 6'45" at the last time.
What a difference it is, both with the time and the pain!

This week, I will run 30miles. 27.5miles to go.

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