Scotland run 10K

I participated in the Scotland Run 10K race in the Central park.
Today it was overcast, the temperature was 45°F at 10:00 am. It seemed that rain was about to start. It was a little cold morning.

My weekly mileage is 34.8, 0.2 short of the target. It is fine.
Scotland Run is one of the events of the Tartan week, which is a Scotland promotion event held in Manhattan from 3/31 to 4/14, built around Tartan day of 4/6.
This morning 5,717 runners were cerebrated by bagpipes. Some runners wore kilt skirts.

My last and only 10K race was on 12/11/2005; I did not run a single race of the distance last year. At that time my finish time was 48’36”, 7’50” per mile pace. It was not bad record for me in 2005. But my running was so improved through 2006, so to break the record of 2005 was not my target of today’s race. Today’s target finish time was 41’00”.

The result was…

0- 1   6’33” / 6’33”
1- 2   6’24” / 12’57”
2- 3   6’19” / 19’16”
3- 4   6’35” / 22’51”
4- 5   6’20“/ 32’11”
5- 6   6’28” / 38’39”
6- 6.2  1’22” / 40’01”

I made it!!!

I tried not to push too much in the first half of the race, especially the second mile. It is typical failure for me to run the second mile too fast. Because in the first mile it is usual to have some delay due to the crowded course, and run the second mile faster than planned pace to recover the delay; like first mile at 7’00” and second mile at 6’00”.

Fortunately I had minimum time loss in the first mile today. And I did not run too fast in the second mile, in stead I found the pace smoothly.
The toughest part of today’s course was the north hill, which was from the last half of the third mile to the first half of the fourth mile. It was tough as I expected however I ran very well both in the uphill and downhill.
The fifth mile and six mile were also tough, but I had enough stamina to keep under 6’30” per mile. It was first time for me to run at that pace in the last mile.
I think today’s race was one of my best races. I am so satisfied with the result. However, I would like to break 40 minutes; two seconds…

My place was 144 of 5,717 runners, and 137 of 3,176 male runners.

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