Hill and the Reservoir: 8weeks to go

The bad news is winter had come back. The temperature was 15°F on 6:30 today.
The good news is finally the pain on my groin has gone. It took about 7weeks since I felt pain. I have wasted 7weeks...

Today I joined the running class by NYRR.
Due to the cold temperature and strong wind, there were only about 25 people. I was one third of the number of the usual participants.

Today's menu was hill training. We went to 92nd Street between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue. I did not know that there is a good slope there. It is not so long, maybe about 150 meters, but it is steep enough for the hill training.

We did 6 uphill runs there and went to the Reservoir in the Central Park to run one loop around it.
I joined 7'15"-to-8'00"-per-mile-in-the-5k-race group tonight. It was one level higher than last week. Although I did not feel pain, I tried not to push myself too much. That could cause another injury especially in the cold temperature like today.

Actually I forgot my watch. So I am not sure about the exact pace.
Maybe I ran at 7'15" per mile at the hill and 7'00" per mile at the Reservoir.

The condition might be the most terrible ever however the view from the Reservoir might be the most beautiful tonight.

I hope I could start to run daily this week. Of course it depends on weather.

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