Half-mile x 6 and the Reservoir; 5 weeks to go

The temperature was over 70° at 7:00pm. How roughly scenes had changed in NYC; we had a lot of snow 2weeks ago.

Actually I was not ready to do speed work in this high temperature yet. However, I did.I participates in the running class by NYRR as usual Tuesday.

Today's workout was 6 of half-mile dash. As far as I knew, it was the toughest one of all the workouts of this class.

In the central Park, we started from E9902 pole and ran the east drive toward north to the transverse at 102 street and turn left to run the transverse to the end; it is a half-mile. And after 3minute break we ran the other way. We did 3sets of this, it was 6 half-mile run. Yes, it was definitely tough also today.

My time of each run was 2'53", 2'49", 2'51", 2'50", 2'48" and 2'50". I ran 3miles in 17'01", 5'40" per mile. Yes, it was tough. But I thought I did so fast.

After the dash, we ran around the Reservoir. Manhattan in twilight, it was just beautiful.

I think I have finally got back to the pre-injury level in speed.Still I am far behind in distance. This week I would like to run 35miles.

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