Colon cancer challenge 15K

Daylight saving time has begun today. It is 3 weeks earlier than usual. Because it was so cold last week, I felt that it was too early for “summer time”. But today was a beautiful day. It was clear sky and the temperature was 43°F on 10:30 am. Although the Reservoir is still frozen, Spring is around the corner.

Today I participated in colon cancer challenge 15K race held in the Central park.
This was my first race since the NYRR half-marathon grand prix in Manhattan on 1/21, when I injured my right groin. I was finally recovered from the injury last week. So I decided to run today. It took me about 7 weeks.

The result was…

0- 1   8’08” / 8’08”
1- 2   6’56” / 15’04”
2- 3   7’59” / 23’03”
3- 4   7’15” / 30’18”
4- 5   7’17“/ 37’36”
5- 6   7’27” / 45’03”
6- 7   7’17” / 52’20”

7- 8   7’18” / 59’38”
8- 9   7’12 / 1:06’50”
9-9.3   2’20” /1:09’10”

Because I had not run enough to run at the race pace I tried not to pick up my pace too much. I planned to run at 7’30” – 8’00” per mile pace. It was 7’26”; not bad.

After the race I felt my legs soared. But it was regular soar after the race not a pain from injury. I was happy with that.

By now I should have been in the middle of the training for the NJ marathon on 4/29. However after I got injured I was not able to run as I planned. I am so far behind.
I will re-start the training this week. I will try not to rush to get back to the original schedule. I will do what I can do in next 7 weeks.

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