Rain from last night had stopped when I wake up this morning; actually it was 10:00am. It was clear and beautiful day.

I went to the central park at 12:30pm. The temperature was 46°F at that time.

I thought I had recovered from groin injury. I did some speed work successfully.
The only training left was long distance run. So I did today.

I ran 3 whole loops of the Central Park, 18miles. It was the longest distance run since the NYC Marathon.

The time of each loop was 52'22", 51'15" and 50'25". I did in 2:34'02"; it was 8'34" per mail pace. I was supposed to run at 9minutes per mile pace, so I ran faster.
I felt soreness in my calf, hamstrings and quadriceps during the training especially after 15miles. The soreness was that I can experience only from a long run training and that was exactly I wanted from today's training.
I would like to run the long distance like today twice, hopefully three times before the NJ marathon on 4/29.

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