The last week

I participated in the running class by NYRR as usual.
The menu of the day was 6 x 0.25mile at a dirt track on the top of the Great Hill of the Central Park.

The time of the each run was 1'33", 1'39", 1'37", 1'36", 1'35" and 1'32". The total time was 9'32", the pace was 6'21" per mile.

I joined 8'00"-to-8'30"-per-mile-in-5K-race gruop that evening. That pace was slower by two minutes than usual group.
I don't need a speed work with the NY marathon 5days ahead.

The day before the marathon, I ran 4mile loop in the Central Park.
I ran the distance in 29'55". The pace was 7'29" per mile, which was almost the marathon pace.
Now I got ready.

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