LSD in the Rockefeller States Park

On a beautiful Saturday morning, I went to the Rockefeller States Park. I headed to Tarry town by Hudson line of the Metro North, from there my running friend picked me up to take me to the park.

I ran the trail course in the park with other six running friends.
We gathered there to run with Chiho, who was supposed to leave NYC to Japan next week with her husband, Yoichiro. It was a farewell run for her. She stayed 2 and half years in NYC. It is usual for Japanese people in NYC to go back to Japan after there assignment periods are done. Most of them stay only 3-5 years in NYC.

Chiho was one of the first running friends I had. We saw after a half marathon race in Queens April of last year. Before I saw her and other friends, running was lonely act for me. I trained alone and ran races alone. However, after I knew them I realized that I could obtain something to share with other guys through running. It made big difference on my running life.

We ran about 15 miles trail course in 2 hours and half.
The course was so beautiful and full of up and down; it was pretty good training course.
Actually we did not realize that we ran so long time and so long distance. It was easy to run speaking with friends, especially with running friends.
With best weather, best course and best friends, I thought that it was one of the best and forgettable run ever.

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