2 weeks to go

I participated in the running class by NYRR as usual. It was raining and chilly evening.
There were less runners than usual participated in the class. Because it was the next day of the Boston Marathon those who ran there were not there.
The course of the day was along the east edge of Manhattan along the East river. We ran from 81st Street to the bridge at the 106th street. It was 1.25 miles course. We ran through there three times.
I was not fully recovered from last Saturday’s half marathon in Brooklyn. So I felt so tired after the first one and was not sure I was able to do next two runs. But I did.
The time of each run was 7’52”, 7’45” and 7’40”. The average pace was 6’13” per mile. I managed to keep up with other runners and ran through three laps. It was a good exercise.

I ran along the whole loop of the Central Park.
It was a beautiful evening. The temperature was 60+.
I finished 6miles in 46’17”; it was 7’43” per mile pace.

NJ Marathon is 9days ahead.I will run 12 miles tomorrow and run 4miles race on Sunday and taper the training mileage next week to ease my fatigue.

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