Run for the Parks 4mile

A beautiful and hot Sunday morning, I participated in Run for the Parks 4 mile race in the Central park. The temperature was over 70°F at 10:00 am.

I did not plan to run this race. However, I heard that many of my running mates including Chiho and Yuichiro would run so I decided to run.
This race was another farewell run for Chiho and first one for Yuichiro.

I did not have any image of the target for the race. Only thing I tried was not to run too hard. With the NJ marathon was a week ahead I did not have to challenge my limit in this 4 miler.

The result was…

0- 1   6’37” / 6’37”
1- 2   6’08” / 12’45”

2- 3   6’25” / 19’10”
3- 4   6’12” / 25’22”

It was not bad.

The first mile was so crowded with the runners who were much slower than I. So I have to weave through them and lost 10 to 20 seconds. It could not be helped. It was the Central Park…

The bad point of my run was that although I intended not to go too fast in the second mile to prevent slowing down in the third mile, I failed.
Maybe I ran too fast in the last half of the first mile to get away from the crowds and kept that pace in the second mile.
The most part of the third mile was uphill, so I was among many runners who slowed down there.

So if I tried to run my best race in this course, I should line in front position as possible of the starting area. Also I should run the third mile in the pace not slower than five seconds than other miles. I would like to run within 25 minutes in some races this year.

My place was 95 of 6,575 runners, and 88 of 3,300 male runners.

After the race, we gathered to say good-bye to Chiho and Yuichiro.
We took a picture in front of the cherry blossoms. It was like a typical graduation picture in Japan.

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