2 miles x 2; 4weeks to go

Tuesday is NYRR running class day.
I participated in the class as usual by taking a day-off to watch the game.

It was a nice weather day today, however it was a little cold at 6:45pm when the class began.

Today's menu was 2 x 2 mile run in the Central Park.
We started at a small bridge close to the entrance at the Columbus Circle. And run north to the 72th street cutoff. Turn right at the cutoff to the East Drive. Turn right again at the East Drive and run south along the drive to the goal in front of the Tavern on the green.

The time was 12'26" for the first one and 12'27" for the last one. It was 6'13" per mile pace. It was not bad. Especially it was important for me to be able to keep the pace in the second run.

After that we ran extra 3 miles. I think the pace was 7'30" per mile.
My weekly mileage is now 7 miles; I have 38 miles to go.

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