Interval 600y x 6 - NYRR Class

It was another beautiful day and another hot day.
The temperature of the afternoon might be over 90°F.

But it was eased to around 70°F at 7:00pm, when the NYRR running class began.
Today's menu was interval at the slope in front of the Tavern on the Green.

We started at 60th street of the west drive of the Central Park and ran to north to the Marathon goal in front of the restaurant. It was around 600y course. A set was made of rush at the uphill and easy jog at the downhill. We did six sets.

The time of the six rushes were 1'44", 1'42", 1'40", 1'40", 1'40", 1'34". The total time was 10'00". I did the same training in 10'03" in March. I was not sure if I improved my running. However, I was able to run the final one fastest. It was not bad.

Including 3miles from the round trip from ps6 to the start line, my weekly mileage is 16.1, I have 13.9 to go.

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