5/21 - 5/27

My next target is 10K race on 7/14/07.
I am going to prepare for it. I have 7 weeks to go.

Because I need both speed and endurance, I have to train to enhance both of them.
As I feel that I have to improve my aerobic capacity, I would like to put the speed work with the NYRR's running class in the center of my training and I would like to enhance my endurance with weekly mileage of up to 40 miles per week.

My training of last week was as follows.


I joined NYRR's running class.
The menu was 6 x 0.25mile run at the track on the great hill of the Central Park.
The rap of each run was 1'19" 1'14" 1'13" 1'14" 1'16" 1'18".
It was so tough work out. I could not keep the pace through the last rap. Maybe I should have run middle raps at 1'15". But it should be good training because I was able to challenge my limit.

Including the jogging from PS6 to great hill, the mileage was 5.5miles.


The temperature was 89°F at 4:30pm. It was so hot.
I ran a 4mile loop of the Central Park.
I did in 36'55", 9'14" per mile.
Due to the speed work of the day before, all of my body were so soar.
I could run only at the slow pace.


I began my training after I came home after the Yankee game.
It was another hot day, the temperature was 83°F at 6:20pm.
I ran the whole loop and the 4mile loop of the Central Park; 10 miles.
The time was 50'38", 8'26" per mile for the whole loop and 32'00", 8'00" per mile for the 4mile loop. The average pace was 8'16" per mile.


I began my training at 11:00. The temperature was 74°F. It was better.
I ran the whole loop of the Central Park.
As I felt that the fatigue from the speed work of Thursday's class was eased, I ran at the brisk pace.
I finished 6miles in 44'52", 7'29" per mile.

My weekly mileage was 25.5 mile. I will run 30 miles next week. I would like to start the morning run.

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