Health Kidney 10K

Today I participated in the Healthy Kidney 10K race in the Central park.
It was overcast, the temperature was 54°F at 9:00 am. The weather was perfect for running; but my condition was not.

I had not run so much after the NJ Marathon because to take the enough rest was my priority. So I was not ready for today’s race and did not set a clear target. Actually I had a target to break 40 minutes, which I missed by 1 second in the Scotland run on 4/1. Also I felt like to try to my challenging pace of 6’20”, which is my acceptable goal of this year.
That turned out to be a mistake later…

The result was

0- 1   6’24” / 6’24”

The first mile was more crowded than I expected. And I have to weave through runners and lost energy.

1- 2   6’19” / 12’43”

2- 3   6’18” / 19’01”

I should have slowed down in these miles. That was main fault in terms of the tactics of this race.

3- 4   6’43” / 25’44”

I could not keep the pace in the toughest mile of the course.

4- 5   6’29“/ 32’13”

5- 6   6’28” / 38’41”
6- 6.2  1’24” / 40’05”

I tried to get back, but I could not. I finished in 40 minutes 5 seconds.

I missed both of 40 minutes and 6’20” per mile.
I should have accepted that I was not in good shape due to luck of training to concentrate on breaking 40 minutes. It was a strategic fault which caused tactical fault.

Although I was not satisfied with the result, I think it was a good experience for me. I am in the level where it is not easy to break PR. To do so, I should be ready in both physically and mentally. Next 10K race in July is my target race, I should be at the start line as a better runner than today.

My place was 279 of 5,413 runners, and 249 of 3,084 male runners.

Mr. Kahlid Khannouchi was among the 5,413 runners. He is one of the top marathoner of the world. I got his autograph at the NYC Marathon Expo last year.
He was 14th place with a finish time of 30’06”.

The winning time was 28’08”, which is the Central Park record. Wow

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