Next targets

In the NJ Marathon on 4/29, I have cleared the first target of this year, which was to finish marathon in 3:15 to be qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Now it is time to think about the next target.

First of all, I would like to set my target for a marathon. My next marathon is the NYC marathon on 11/4/07, which is 6month ahead.

My ultimate target of this year is to run at a pace of 7 minutes per mile. I can finish a marathon in 3:03'32" with that pace. Yes, it is tough to achieve in half an year.
My challenging target is 3:05'45". The pace is 7'05" per mile.
My acceptable target is 3:08'00". The pace is 7'10" per mile.

For half marathon, I want to set my target pace faster than marathon by 30 seconds.
So the ultimate target is 1:25'00", 6'30" per mile.
The challenging target is 1:26'15", 6'35" per mile.
The acceptable target is 1:27'20", 6'40" per mile.
And my target race will be the Queens Half-Marathon on 9/23/07.

For 10K race, my target pace is faster than half marathon by 20 seconds.
The ultimate target is 38'20", 6'10" per mile.
The challenging target is 38'50", 6'15" per mile.
And my acceptable target is 39'20", 6'20" per mile.
My target race will be the race in the Central Park on 7/14/07.

They are not easy ones, so I may have to adjust later. However, I would like to train for my targets.

- - -
Today, I joined the running class by NYRR for the first time after the NJ Marathon.

Today's workout was 3 x 1mile. It was tough one.
I did with 5'53", 5'55" and 6'02". It was not bad for the first time in 3 weeks and the renewed start for the new target.

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