12miles LSD

Today, I ran 12miles at an easy pace.

Due to the AIDS Walk, the Central Park was so crowded and I could not run there.
So I ran the outside streets of the park.
I started from the Central Park West Avenue at 100th street and head north.
I turned to the right at 110th street and made another right at 5th Avenue to head south to the other end of the park. And at 59th Street I turned to right to Columbus circle and made the final right to the north to 100th street. I finished the course in 56'14".

After the out side rectangle, the AIDS Walk people had gone. So I ran the whole loop of the park.
I finished the loop in 48'30".

The average pace was 8'44" per mile.

My weekly mileage of this week was 21.2.
Next week I am going to run 25 miles.

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