9.9 mile

I was supposed to run 10miles today in the morning.
However, I was not able to get up early. I started my training on 12:30pm.
I ate steak and drunk a glass of brandy last night, maybe that was why I woke up late.

As soon as I started to run, I found that it was too hot and the sun was too tough to for me run 10 miles. So I stopped after I finished 5.1 mile loop. The time was 42'31". I realized that I was not ready to run in summer condition.

I ran again in the evening at 6:40pm.
The weather was much better at that time. I ran around the Reservoir. I did 3 loops; 4.8miles. Each lap was 12'42", 12'21" and 11'27.

The total mileage was 9.9 miles and the average pace was 8'00" per mile.
The weekly mileage was 26, 4miles to go.

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