6/11 - 6/17


I ran in the morning before I left to work. I started to run on 6:00am.
I don't remember when I did so last time.

I ran the lower loop of the Central Park. I finished 5.1 miles in 39'01"; 7'40" per mile.

The temperature was 68°F. I felt sleepy but enjoyed the morning in the Park.


After 6/12, I was not able to run. I could not wake up early at all.
I was supposed to run 30 miles. However, I could not do it. I ran only 5.1 through Saturday.

On Sunday afternoon, I ran the whole loop of the Park twice; 12miles.
I finished the first loop in 50'11" and the second loop in 48'42".
The average pace was 8'14" per mile.

It was beautiful day. I started my training just after the noon; it was hot. The temperature was 85°F. I thought that it was too hot to run 12miles. But I took water often and controlled the pace to finish 12 miles successfully.

The bad news was I ran only 17 miles. The good news was the pain in my shin was eased during the unexpected rest.

Next week's target is 30 miles again.

It took 1:38'53" to run 12miles.

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