6/20 - 6/24


I woke up at 5:45am and started to run from 6:10.
It slightly rained. The temperature was 70°F.

I ran 5.1 mile loop of the Central Park same as the day before.
I finished the loop in 39'28"; 7'44" per mile.


I joined the running class by NYRR first time for three weeks.
The menu was 0.25mile run x 6.
I did each lap with 1'13', 1'14", 1'14", 1'15", 1'15" and 1'15".
According to the Bob's book, this pace is that of sub-6-minute-pace mile in 10K runner's. Actually it was too much for me; 6'15" per mile is enough.
However, I was happy to run the last one in 1'15". I got confidence that I had become a better runner than I was in one month ago, when I did the same work out with 1'19", 1'14", 1'13", 1'14", 1'16" and 1'18".


I ran in the morning for the third time in this week. It is good news.
It was a little chilly this morning. The temperature was 62°F.
I finished 4miles in 33'49"; 8'27" per mile pace.
I felt fatigue from the speed work of the day before and slowed the pace.


I ran a whole loop and 4 mile loop of the Central Park.
The time was 49'08" for the whole loop and 31'26" for the 4 mile loop. The average pace was 8'03".
I started to run at 4:00pm. It was 5:00am of Sunday in Japan when the Saroma 100K ultra marathon started. I tried to imagine how I feel at the start of the 100K race, but I could not. I am not ready yet even to imagine.


I ran three loops of the Reservoir. The each lap was 13'37", 12'00" and 11'28". The average pace was 7'43" per mile.

My weekly mileage was 33.5. I cleared the target of 30.
Next week, my target will be 36. I should run in the morning again. It will be another challenge.

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