Shin Splints? - Maybe no problem

After the race on last Sunday, I felt slight pain in my left shin. I thought that maybe it was one of the typical injury of runners, shin splint.

According to the Bob Glover's book, the causes of the injury are "tight clf and hamstring muscles; muscle imbalance- weeknesses in the fron of the leg compared to the back of the legs; running too high on toes; overstriding; leaning forward while running; running shose that are inflexible or have heels that are not thick enough; sudden change from soft to hard surfaces; slanted surfaces; sudden changes in mileage, speed training, or hill running".

For my case, the speed training with a new running shoes should have been the one. On 5/31 I did speed work by NYRR with my new shoes. I did so because I would like to run the Sunday race with that shoes. Usually I use insoles for my running shoes to support my arches. However, I misses to use them at the speed training. The shoes are for light racing shoes with thin heels. I felt very slight pain after the speed work. So I used the insoles at the race. But it might be too late. That is the story.

I tried to run on Wednesday. But I felt storonger pain and stopped the training after 10 minutes. I decided to take a rest for couple of days.

And I tried again today. I ran around the Reservoir of the Central Park. I did three round of it, which was 4.8 miles, in 37'50". The average pace was 7'53" per mile.
I focused my attention on my thin. If it hurts, I should stop and take another rest maybe one more week; such rest could make it impossible for me to try PR in my next race in July.

And it was fine. I felt slight stiffnes but no pain. On wednesday, it was defnitely a red signal. Today it was a yellow. I was relieved so much to realize that I can keep training for my next target.

I will run 30 miles next week and skip the speed work of this week.

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