1.1 mile X 3; 9weeks to go

Today I participated in the running class by NYRR for the first time since January 30th.
As the moderate pain in my right groin had not been gone, I took 4 weeks rest.
I still felt some pain and stiffness in this evening but it got better. Also NJ marathon is 2month ahead. So I decided to participate in the class.

It was overcast. The temperature might be about 35°F.

Today’s menu was 3 of 1.1 mile run at the North hills of the Central Park. It was a tough menu for me with the injury.
Usually I ran with the group of mile 6-to-6’30”-in-5K race. But I joined the group of 8-to-8’30”-in-5K-race. It was 3 grades lower than my usual. I did not run faster, instead I focused on my running form.

The time was 8’37”, 8’44” and 8’27”. The pace was 7'49" per mile.
Of course they were not the best for me. However, I enjoyed the jogging in the park.

Although my condition is not very good and I don’t think that I can run with usual speed so soon, it is true that it gets better day by day.
I wish the pain should be gone by the spring.

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